Business Technology Services

Cloud Services and Migrations

Adopting cloud services for your business is one of the best moves that an owner can take in terms of business technology management. Outsourcing the role of software procurement, maintenance and upgrades is a great way to reduce frustration and take another job off your plate. 

It doesn't matter whether your business is large or small, the 'as-a-service' subscription model of monthly payments for your business technology tools is an excellent way to adopt predictable, reliable automation and collaboration tools to make the job easier for you and your staff.

Ranges Technology specialises in 'Digital Transformation', cloud services adoption and migrations.

  • Want to get rid of your old server that is still warming up the home-office?   We can help.
  • Want to collaborate easily with your staff and colleagues online?  We're big fans of Google WorkSpace and Microsoft365.
  • Want to get cloud accounting software to share with your accountant?  Easy done.
  • Want to integrate the mess of old software that you've been using for years and you've put off dealing with?  Yep, we can help there too.
  • Want to become a 'digital first' business to embrace the 21st century?  Just get in touch and we can show you how.

Ranges Technology Helps You Adopt Modern Cloud Services and Products

Business Website Development

It's a fact that every business these days needs a business website, whether it is a brochure site or a fully fledged eCommerce shop. It is the cheapest sales employee you'll ever hire.

It is also one of the few instances in cyberspace where you actually do control how the information about your business appears to the web and the world. You control the entire process, from start to finish. You control the messaging, the imagery, the branding, colours, placement and effects.

Ranges Technology can build the website that your business needs, exactly the way you want it. Your website is a business tool, not an artwork to admire and it has to earn its keep.

Our development process is business-led, first and foremost. We build sites exclusively in Wordpress, which is the most popular Content Management System for small to medium business globally. We have also curated and refined our digital agency toolkit of themes, plugins, developers and services to be able to build almost anything that you need - then efficiently maintain and improve it over time through our hosting and management services.


Website Hosting and Management

Your business website needs to be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

All websites need hosting and most need regular maintenance and care. Many business owners do this task themselves - often poorly - and never get around to optimising the hosting environment for their site.

Static (HTML) sites are reasonably stable and immune to changes in the surrounding environment, though most business websites are using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress. Most of the time, this software can be safely updated by the site's owner, though there are the occasional times that this task can get unnecessarily complex or intimidating, which places an unnecessary time and stress burden on a business owner that need not be there.

Ranges Technology provides industry-leading hosting environments to keep your website safe and available to your customers and we also provide maintenance and care services (including fully managed) to keep your business website operating at its peak.

Website Hosting
Website Care


Business Technology Strategic Planning

Technology helps your business run cheaper, faster, smoother, simpler and better. 

The march of technology is ongoing - it changes dramatically and relentlessly every few years! Don’t miss out on the right solutions for your business because you’re too busy to search for it. We keep up with the technology trends so you don’t have to.

Just like you service your car every few thousand kilometers, your business technology strategy needs the same sort of attention and care. Don’t wait for your tools to break before you go looking for a replacement - make a plan to replace your obsolete equipment when it’s time. Manage your tech budget proactively rather than having it surprise you.

A periodic technology consultation for your business keeps you up to date with the latest trends and technologies and keeps you on track to leverage them when they become relevant. 


Remote Systems Support and Maintenance

Sometimes your tech stops doing what it should be doing, or what you expect it to do. 

Error messages, slow-downs, viruses, malware and broken functionality afflict even the cleverest of us. What's most important is what you do about it.

Will you keep your systems in tip-top shape or wait until they fail? Do you even know who to call if anything happens? Can that person set you right or will they have to refer you somewhere else? How long will you be out of action?

Ranges Technology acts like the family doctor for your business systems - we're on call to diagnose and repair, or maintain and prevent problems from slowing your business down.

Regular checkups and knowledge of your business and its systems enables us to quickly and efficiently support your operation so that you can continue to focus on what matters. (Hint: it's not your laptop or antivirus software!)


Data Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Sometimes the worst does, in fact happen.

You can lose a whole decade or more of business records and data with a single careless click. Most of the time this is easily recoverable if you're paying attention. Often however, this type of disaster is only noticed when you go looking for something you know you had saved for just an occasion like this... "It was right there!"

Losing a laptop with everything on it and accidental deletion are just two of the ways that you find yourself neck deep in panic and facing the realisation that your effort over years may have gone to waste. Another recent scourge is the advent of 'ransomware' which is a deliberate attack that threatens your data.

The only way to truly be ready for moments like this is to have a good backup strategy and business continuity measures in place. In today's web and cloud era, the traditional ways of scheduling and managing backups have changed somewhat - but the basic strategy for ensuring that your business keeps running in the face of data loss are largely the same.

We help merge modern backup technologies and services with pragmatic recovery techniques to help your business stay immune from debilitating and reputation-damaging data losses.