Wordpress Maintenance and Care Plans

A trusted technical service provider to manage every aspect of your Wordpress business website.
Technology and Digital Support and Maintenance

Focus on growing your business and leave the technical maintenance stuff to us.

We have a Wordpress Care plan to suit every website and every budget.

Wordpress runs between 35 - 40% of websites on the internet (depending on who you ask) and has a market share of 60%+ of all Content Management Systems in common use today.

This makes it an incredibly popular and incredibly well-supported ecosystem of core software, 3rd party plugins, site designers and web developers.

We can make a Wordpress installation do almost anything you set your mind to these days, with the judicious use of quality plugins, well written core code, great hosting infrastructure and a healthy dollop of design creativity.

Though as popular and useful as it is, Wordpress is also the most attacked and the most hacked CMS on the web, comprising over 90% of compromised CMS sites in 2018.

This doesn't mean Wordpress is particularly vulnerable or insecure, just that it's the most targeted, simply because it is the most popular - and some sites just aren't well kept, so they are left open to being compromised by bad actors.

It is VERY GOOD ADVICE to keep your Wordpress business website updated and secure with a reputable security plugin and firewall to keep out the bad guys. 

It's also essential that your website is kept in tip-top shape so that it does its job for your business. It's the cheapest salesperson you'll ever employ and you want it on the job 24/7/365!

Wordpress can have a learning curve if you're not already familiar with web technologies - we provide these Wordpress website care plans so that you don't need to be a part-time web developer.

We provide these care plans so that you make make the best and highest use of your time - growing your business.


$49 /month


$99 /month


$199 /month


$499 /month

Which plan is for me?

Our best guidance for this decision is to let your gut and your budget guide you.

Don't neglect your site. If you can do the work yourself, do it yourself. We can always help you with an annual check-up at our ad-hoc dev rates if that's something you think would be satisfactory.

In deciding, we also recommend you consider what would happen if your site suddenly wasn't there anymore and you couldn't get it back. Or worse, it was taken over by bad actors and defaced or used to attack someone else's site.

Our cheaper care packages are like digital insurance for your business website. They insure you against reputational damage, data loss, fraud and lost revenue due to outages. We also make sure people can find your online presence at any tick of the clock.

Our more expensive care packages are intended to help your online business grow and bring in more revenue.

We help keep your eCommerce functionality running well, upload your products and tweak your images. We keep your payments gateways bringing in cash and we make sure that your customers don't get bored and click away, waiting for your site to load.

We can also help you improve your site over time. We interpret your plain-english business requests and translate them into technical website changes and new features that can help attract new customers and grow your bottom line.

At the end of the day, if you rely on your website to do business and you value its usefulness, you want a professional Wordpress technical partner on the job, making sure that your website continues doing its job.


Wordpress Care Bronze

A basic maintenance plan to ensure your Wordpress website is kept up to date and online, working for your business.

regular core and Plugin Updates

daily offsite backups

24/7 uptime monitoring

google analytics integration and tracking

on your server or combine with one of our hosting plans

Our basic updates and backups plan. We consider this digital insurance for your website. It keeps you at the state of the art for Wordpress code and keeps your plugins updated so they can use the new WP features as they are released.

Saving offsite backups mean that even if your site or server is compromised, we can restore it to a point in time - on any other server - to before you got hacked. Any outages that your server may experience are also logged to our monitoring platforms every 5 minutes, so we can answer the question: 'Is this thing on?'

We can also integrate Google Analytics with your site so that you can access the performance data for your website to see how it performs over time. This helps you generate insights and make decisions on how to improve your site.

$49 /month


Wordpress Care Silver

A care plan focused on web security and a fast recovery if your site is compromised.
  Everything in Bronze, plus:

premium wordpress security plugin
fast recovery / malware removal

website application firewall (WAF)

database snapshots and granular rollbacks

comment and form submission anti-spam features

content tweaks or changes
(up to 5 monthly)

on your server or combine with one of our hosting plans

This plan helps keep the bad guys out before they have a chance to do any damage. An industry leading Wordpress security plugin is installed on your site which includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to stop automated bad-bots, site vulnerability scanning, drive-by login attacks, and provides form security so that spam comments and form submissions are stopped in their tracks.

We provide the best malware scanner on the market which also 'virtually patches' any plugin code that may have 'zero-day' vulnerabilities identified by industry security pros - you're protected before the hackers can even write their exploits and knock on the door. 

We use a database snapshot tool to monitor changes to the database that plugins make on your site, so that if anything untoward does happen, we can roll you back to a previously known working state without losing database integrity and very much faster than a full site restoration.

This plan brings together uptime monitoring with pre-emptive security for your business' virtual front door. You can combine this security and monitoring package with one of our cPanel hosting plans for faster response times or provide us with access to your own server.

$99 /month


Wordpress Care Gold

Our most popular business website care plan features our Wordpress-optimised hosting environment and a focus on security and performance.

  Everything in Silver, plus:

priority business support

hosted on our blazing fast managed cloud servers (Gridpane)

speed optimisations including script offloads and css/js minification

image compression and optimisation (shortpixel)

server-level PAGE AND OBJECT CACHING (redis cache)

staging instance for safe updates and development testing

domain verified transactional email infrastructure (mailgun or aws-ses)

optional dns hosting/cdn and edge caching management (cloudflare)

content tweaks or changes
(up to 10 monthly)

For when you are serious about doing business on the web - this plan gets us website nerds excited as it lets us show off our 'Wordpress tech stack'. We're pretty proud of the infrastructure that we've put together and we're stoked to partner with the best in the industry to bring it to our clients.

This plan lets you put your website's best foot forward because we do the hosting and the optimisations that combine speed, security and great business support, including content tweaks.

We use several levels of caching, object minification and we ensure to only load the resources that your pages actually need to tell your business story. Caching helps speed up every page load and keeps your visitors engaged with your content instead of waiting for it to load. We optimise all of your images and serve them as small as possible using our favourite image compression plugin and service.

When you want to make larger changes or there's a particularly big update to make on your site (say a major WooCommerce version update), we'll use a staging instance of your site to check that everything works properly before we mess with your live data.

We also use a premium transactional email service to ensure that your site's mail is getting to your clients and not landing in their spam folders. We use the latest domain verification techniques including SPF, DKIM and DMARC to ensure your website visitors can always reset their passwords or get their free downloads in short order.

Combined with the security in our lower plans, our GOLD Care plan ensures that your Wordpress business website stays at fighting weight, can jab and block, and has the fleet footwork of Mohammad Ali. Your business' content makes up the right hook and we'll help you make it look fantastic as part of this plan.

Priority Business Support means that you'll get the help you need, when you need it at the same priority as our highest tier of clients.

$199 /month


Wordpress Care Platinum

White glove management and ongoing improvement of your Wordpress website to help you convert website visitors into customers.

  Everything in Gold, plus:

priority business support

hosted on A private managed cloud server (Gridpane)

hands-free business website - we manage everything for you

offsite images/video/media hosting

keyword and on-page content optimisations

google analytics premium plugin and website performance reporting

unlimited website tweaks and changes per month

strategic consulting and performance call each month

We wanted to call this our "Jeeves" Care plan, because that's what this is - white glove, live-in-butler-grade care of your Wordpress Business Website. You don't even need to log in, we'll do it all for you. It's the closest you'll get to hiring an in-house digital team without spending those wages.

In this scenario, we go deep into understanding how your business operates so that we can make sure that your site is perfectly aligned with your marketing plan and your branding assets. We'll help edit your content before we upload it and tweak your articles so that they can align with SEO best practices. If you have sales videos, landing pages and hundreds of product images on your eCommerce site, we can host these on a separate server to keep your site lean and fast. 

We'll also have a virtual pow-wow every month to report on how your website is performing and what we can do next month to supercharge it. We can also correlate your social media performance and use URL tracking to see where your best leads are coming from.

* Our caveat with this plan is that you've got a 'normal' sized small business and website. If you already should have hired your own digital team long ago, we'll let you know 😉

$499 /month


Custom Wordpress Care Packages

Have more than a single site to manage? Have a custom Woocommerce site that needs special attention? Obsessed about speed or security? Contact us for a custom care plan.

We can bundle up any care scenario that you require:

  • a single GOLD site plus a second SILVER site
  • two SILVER sites and a BRONZE site
  • Wordpress multi-sites
  • Private Cloud Servers for privacy
  • Plugin license bundling and management
  • Social Media Automation, Email Marketing Platform etc

$99+ /month

Australian Businesses please note: the above prices are listed in AUD and are exclusive of GST.