Technology Equality.

Ranges Technology began with a single focus: Technology Equality.

We teach technology skills and provide support for modern technology to people that aren’t as tech savvy as they’d like to be. We aim to bridge the gaps in personal confidence and capability in using technology, all forms of technology, not just the web.

We shouldn’t fear technology. It is a servant to save us time and effort and help us communicate over long distances, nothing more, and it will bend to our will if we know how to use it.

We’re big advocates of the sharing economy, open source software and open standards hardware. We’re also big fans of the web and all the free information that exists out there for everyone to learn, teach and spread the word that technology is an enabler for our lives. We can all learn to do it all very cheaply and easily with the right help.

These days, there’s no need to enrol in long, expensive and theory loaded formal technology courses that will be out of date in a few months – you merely need a technical leg-up, a coach who can point in the right direction to help get you to the next level of technology mastery, appropriate to where you want to be tomorrow.

That’s what we offer.

Technology Solutions.

We also do on-demand tech support and solution design for many of the same reasons – but mostly because we’re good at it, we enjoy the challenge and it keeps us sharp.

We know people are busy and sometimes there are more important things to worry about than black boxes, gadgets and websites, especially if you’re in business.

We’re here to help.

We Teach Technology

We’re all about bridging the digital divide. Many people, for many reasons do not have the required tech-skills to navigate our increasingly digital world. This can lead to frustration, angst and a loss of agency – the ability to do for yourself without asking for help.

We believe that everyone should be able to access information and services essential to modern life that are increasingly often delivered through digital platforms. Ranges Technology is here to provide the skills and the confidence to use technology to automate, communicate and solve problems in contemporary ways.

Solutions for Business

We all know that business technologies can help you maintain focus on your core capabilities and your customers by automating the duller, less valuable tasks. The trick is to ensure that these technologies are chosen well, integrated with each other, not too expensive and provide you with the confidence you need to grow your business and your bottom line.

Business Systems Support is a core competency of Ranges Technology and also a passion. We believe that small, owner-operated and technology enabled businesses are the drivers of our economy and are our best hope for a sustainable and equitable future.

Technology for Life

The technology we take with us on the go these days is some of the most advanced and highly integrated in history, so why is it that so many of us only use a fraction of their potential? You carry mini computers in your pockets and they can be made to do amazing things to automate and communicate and solve problems – anywhere.

We love portable and smart technology at Ranges. We don’t always have the latest and greatest, but we know how to squeeze the maximum from our gadgets and make them an integral part of our lives so that we’re connected and never too far away from our digital world. We have also made them fit into our lives through custom notifications, schedules and applications that assist and augment our lives, rather than interfere and impose.

Technology At Home

We spend a good deal of our lives at home and most of the rest of our time we spend making money to improve our home lives. Technology can be a big help at home and automating certain tasks frees up time and mental white space to focus on the things that will keep us happy and contented.

Ranges Technology is well versed in consumer, domestic and green technologies and how to use them to their full potential in your home. We love the good vibes we feel by reducing our home power consumption and using renewable energy. We have made sure that our homes are cabled, connected and that the robot does the vacuuming. We’re also big fans of the home theater experience and having a great music collection organised and available on every screen and speaker in the house!

The Ranges Difference…


  • Coaching

    Coaching and Tutoring is the absolute gold standard, go-to, best method of teaching the average human concepts and skills, especially at the speed at which technology evolves in our rapidly changing world.
  • Classes

    Sitting in a class listening to someone drone on is a poor way to learn. Learning about having skills is not the same as actually acquiring them as you go. Courses are run for the middle of the road – miss a point and you’ll lag behind the class, making it hard to catch up – if you’re far enough ahead you’ll get bored.


  • Best interests

    We work for you, in your interests. Our experience in the technology industry has taught us that it’s about people, not devices. We’ll help you get what you actually need, not what someone else tells you that you have to have.

  • self interest

    IT shops and department stores only want to sell you gadgets, devices and services, the more the better. They don’t spend the time to understand you and what you really need.

So go on, drop us a line!

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