Website Hosting Services

Managed or Unmanaged?

We only provide two types of website hosting - Unmanaged cPanel servers or Fully Managed virtual private servers.

Unmanaged doesn't actually mean that you're on your own though - cPanel is the industry's leading 'control panel' for linux based web hosting servers. These are often referred to as 'Shared Hosting' environments, because you might share a physical server with several hundred other website customers.

cPanel enables you to control the vital aspects of your own slice of that hosting environment yourself, and to switch different features on and off. The actual bare metal server and its resources are all managed in the backend by the server host, which you don't get to see.

Our cPanel offerings are scalable to any sized business website, from a hobby business brochure site or single landing page - to a high-traffic eCommerce website selling hundreds of products.

cPanel hosting plans range in price and capacity from 'really quite cheap' to 'eye-wateringly expensive, but it's okay if I'm making money from it'.

The features included in cPanel servers are largely the same across the plans - from the cheaper options to the top end - you just pay for more. More memory, more storage space, more compute capacity and more frequent backups, etc.

cPanel is a great option if you are price-sensitive, willing to have a go at managing things yourself or, you know a little bit more about websites and hosting than the average bear.

Our other hosting option is a fully-managed virtual private server where we do all the management work and hosting optimisations for you.

A Fully Managed VPS is for business-owners who are serious about hosting their business website so that it can put it's best foot forward.

We've partnered with the best server management software team in the industry to make sure your website(s) are hosted on the best available infrastructure on the web.

Basically, we purchase the server space from a cloud provider like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Vultr etc - then we configure it, optimise it and manage it proactively to ensure it's always up and has enough server grunt to serve your visitors when they need it most.

You don't get backend server access to fiddle with the 'nerd knobs' like you do with cPanel, but if you're a busy business-person you probably don't want it anyway - that's why you're paying for the fully managed experience.

You'll share this managed server with a smaller, more intimate and curated group of Ranges Technology premium hosting clients (normally 6-12 clients per server). We actively manage which sites are on which server to ensure the best possible performance.

Our Fully Managed hosting plans are typically bundled with our Wordpress Management and Care plans, which provide fantastic value for our clients.

However, if you're managing your own website or application yourself, we can also spin you up a dedicated VPS if you require, just for your business. In fact, we insist that some of our more high traffic sites operate in this way so they don't adversely impact other clients.

It's this kind of active server management that makes our Fully Managed hosting platform that little bit more special than what you'll find on the high street.

Again, you pay more to get more - more RAM, more disk space, more processors, higher frequency processors, on platform and off platform backups and regular snapshots etc.

If you need help deciding between unmanaged hosting and a managed service, please do contact us today and let's have a conversation about what your business needs right now.