Managed WordPress Hosting

Whether you're just starting out with your business website journey, or if you’re a seasoned web veteran, you understand that time is money.

Ranges Technology offers a fully managed WordPress website hosting service that removes the hassle of managing and optimising a hosting server so you can focus on your website’s design and functionality. 

You can save literally days of valuable work time not having to sort through server software dependencies, SSL certificates and security firewalls etc.

You can also rest assured that your hosting environment is fully optimised for business WordPress websites and is tuned for peak performance.

We offer a competitive fixed price per site that reflects the superior environment and support that you expect from a boutique web hosting company.

Why should I choose a Managed Wordpress service instead of a cPanel hosting plan?

There are many valid reasons why letting us properly and professionally manage your WordPress hosting makes good business sense.

Here are just a few:

  • the support and service that you can only find at a boutique company that knows their client’s business needs intimately.
  • the confidence that only a personalised, white-glove setup and onboarding/migration can ensure.
  • the speed and performance that only a WordPress-optimised software stack and aggressive object and page caching can provide.
  • the high availability and bulletproof security that only a server-level firewall, continuous process-monitoring and automatic service restarts ensures.
  • the peace-of-mind that only daily full-site and incremental hourly server backups can offer.
  • the respect for our clients that we show by not overloading any of our servers and actively managing resources.

Normally this level of service would cost half-again as much at a larger host - but as we can stay small and nimble, our costs can be minimised, meaning better value for you.

What is so good about our WordPress optimised hosting environment?

We don’t like to brag… well, actually we do a little, especially when it comes to our WordPress hosting environment!

We’ve partnered with probably the best server management engine in the business and we have the choice of building our servers on multiple infrastructure clouds such as Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Vultr, Linode and Google Cloud Compute.

We combine this base with Ranges-specific external offsite-backups, external uptime tracking and full-stack monitoring including domain expiry, DNSSEC, broken links and complimentary SSL certificates through LetsEncrypt.

We reckon it’s close to the best in class for business-grade Managed WordPress Hosting in Australia.

We've got just one monthly price** per site for our awesome Managed WordPress Hosting:

$29 Per Month+ GST

** It gets slightly cheaper per site if you host more than one site with us, and slightly more expensive if your site requires much more resources than the average business site (large eCommerce sites etc.)